‘You’re Fired!’: Trump Takes Shots At Reporters On Thanksgiving Day


The current occupant of the White House is spending Thanksgiving Day lashing out at the world – as one does on the day Americans gather around the table with our families and remind ourselves to be grateful for life and what it has to offer. Donald Trump kicked off the morning by praising himself on Twitter, then responded to a Washington Post link in which the columnist called him out over his racist behavior. Trump wrote back: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Then, Trump addressed our country’s military servicemembers to lavish praise on himself while blasting former President Barack Obama.

Then, of course, Trump took aim at the press, a thing he frequently does.

“You’re very, very special people to me, and to everyone in this country, that I can tell you,” President Bone Spurs said in the video from his Mar-a-Lago luxury resort.

“Surrounding me is a lot of press, better me than you, believe me, fellas, better me than you,” he continued, according to pool reports. “It’s an honor to speak with you all, to give God thanks for the blessing of freedom, heroes, tremendous courage. Very, very special people. It doesn’t get more special.”

Trump again targeted reporters toward the end of his speech.

“I’m surrounded by reporters and press and I’m going to ask them to leave and we’re going to have very confidential, personal, conversations,” he said. “We’re set up with that. You know? It’s really wonderful what technology could do. So I’ll ask the press to get out and I’ll say: you’re fired.”

“And, by the way, media: Happy Thanksgiving,” he added, according to pool reports.

What a swell guy, huh?

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Image via screen capture.