Alex Jones: Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Black Face’ Will ‘Carry Out The Enslavement Of Black Folks’ (VIDEO)


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones wasted no time after Oprah Winfrey delivered an electrifying speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night, to try to diminish her because it’s rumored that she might run in 2020. After her soaring speech, chatter started online suggesting an Oprah 2020 campaign should be launched.

Jones, a Trump sycophant, immediately pounced during his Monday radio broadcast.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have always broken down the fact that Oprah Winfrey is a top globalist, a top eugenicist, who pushes a one world religion through her private foundation,” Jones said, according to Media Matters. “She’s even got a new age movie coming out to brainwash the children. Well, they’ve readied her to run against Trump in 2020 and to fire that campaign up in about a year. But we know the secrets about Oprah Winfrey that they don’t want you to know.”

“We’re going to break down why Oprah Winfrey will never be elected president of the United States because of the skeletons in her closet,” he continued.

“They want to call Trump a Nazi?” he said. “Look out, lady, we know what you’re designed to do. You’re the black face to carry out the enslavement of black folks and everybody else.”


Jones helped to elevate Trump into power by pushing conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton but Oprah will give zero f*cks if he starts that same sh*t with her. Most of us would prefer someone with experience to lead the most powerful country on earth, but Trump sure didn’t need any. On the other hand, he’s not a leader.

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Image via screen capture.