Colin Kaepernick’s Mom Just Shut Donald Trump DOWN Over Racist Comments


Last night at a rally for Luther Strange, Trump’s pick for US Senate from the state of Alabama, he went on a bizarre rant about the NFL and players who protest during the national anthem. Appealing to his racist base, Trump said that owners should fire any player who does so.

Trump got so fired up, in fact, that he was still tweeting about it the next day!

But it was the words he chose in Alabama that got famed Super Bowl quarterback and original protester Colin Kaepernick’s mom fired up. Speaking to the assembled crowd of mouth-foaming bigots, Trump didn’t say Kaep’s name, but he spoke in the singular when he said “get that son of a bitch off the field!” He didn’t say “those sons of bitches,” and we all know who that racist was talking about.

So did Teresa Kaepernick.

She straight-up owned Donald Trump on Twitter. As I write this, Colin’s mom’s tweet has been liked by as many people as the total of both of Trump’s tweets referencing the speech.

People were inspired by Teresa, to say the least:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see if #ProudBitch is trending on Twitter yet.

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Featured image via Wikimedia Commons