‘No Hate, No Fear’: Thousands Protest Trump At Mar-a-Lago (VIDEO)


Last night, an estimated 3000 protesters crashed snowflake – er, snowbird – Trump’s weekend vacation at his winter getaway, Mar-a-Lago. Many carried signs and joined in chants like “no hate, no fear,” referring to Trump’s illegal travel ban of Muslims trying to enter the U.S.


On the surface, Trump dismisses such protests with Tweets like this:

Deep down, however, he’s no doubt longing to lock himself in one of the 33 bathrooms in his tacky West Palm Beach McMansion to hide a panic attack over why all the other kids don’t like him.

In reality, the protest was peaceful according to the Palm Beach police:


There was at least one un-policed incident of fisticuffs involving a Trump supporter as captured by a protester on Facebook:


Trump’s Twitter timeline has been silent for 13 hours as of this writing. No doubt, he’s busy recharging his low energy and mulling over which 140 characters he will mangle into the next alternate fact that will satisfy his narcissism until Steve Bannon tells him what to do next.

Alas, due to CNN’s refusal of the administration’s request to allow an appearance by Kellyanne Conway on today’s State of the Union show with Jake Tapper, the world will never know such alt-facts as how much the Mar-a-Lago “thugs” took in for their peaceful protest. Word is, however, that area Taco Bells and Pizza Huts were jammed with hungry liberals paying for their grub with EBT cards.

Don’t know what an EBT card is? Ask your neighbor. In Palm Beach county, you’ll have a 13.5% chance of getting an answer.

Images via screengrab