One Alabama Republican Is Using A Sickening New Ad In The Race To Fill Jeff Sessions’ Senate Seat


Alabama GOP Congressman Mo Brooks is most recently notable for his gross comments on health care back in May, when the House was churning up its diabolical version of Trumpcare. He was attacked mercilessly on Twitter and in the news for saying that people who don’t “lead good lives” should pay more for insurance. Left and right, liberals and conservatives all attacked Brooks for his heartless and careless statements on who “deserves” health care.

But Mo Brooks was apparently not done being the kind of pig who is oblivious to his own stink.

He’s now embroiled in a nine-way primary race for the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he left to serve as Donald Trump’s Attorney General. Oddly enough, when Sessions left for the post, the Alabama AG left his post to take over for Sessions in the Senate. Luther Strange has held the seat by appointment since Sessions’ departure. Though the Republican Party has decided to treat him as an incumbent (and therefore financially support his run to retain the seat), there are plenty of challengers.

In such a large race, each candidate will undoubtedly craft their own unique angle as to why they should advance to the Alabama general election. But none of them have made news the way Brooks has. His angle? He’s using unedited audio of the shooting that took place at a Congressional baseball practice in mid-June.

Brooks’ ad starts with a succession of five gunshots, played over text that highlights the shooter’s support of Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders immediately and strongly condemned the man’s actions. It then cuts to the “liberal media” interviewing Books after the shooting, asking if it’s changed his views on guns. The unsurprising response in the ad:

The Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, is to help ensure that we always have a republic. So no, I’m not changing my positions on any of the rights that we enjoy as Americans.

The GOP Representative most grievously wounded in  the shooting, Steve Scalise, is still not even fully recovered from the attack. Chris Bond, a spokesman for Scalise, was horrified by what Brooks had included in the campaign ad:

I guess some people have their own ideas about what’s appropriate.

Scalise’s chief of staff, Brett Horton, was likewise sickened by Brooks’ ad:

Don’t doubt for a moment that this is the new normal for Republicans, however. As disgusted as you or I might be, and no matter how offended any Republican claims they are, ads like this are going to make up the majority of GOP campaign ads in the upcoming election season.

In the Trump era, outrageousness is all their base speaks anymore.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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