Paul Ryan’s Bannon-Backed Primary Opponent Tweets Images Calling For Speaker’s Murder


The GOP has a Steve Bannon problem. The former White House Chief Strategist, architect of Trump’s winning 2016 campaign, prominent white nationalist, and leader of the far-right hellhole known as Breitbart News has always had a hard-on for establishment Republicans, and House Speaker Paul Ryan in particular. It now seems that Bannon is backing a most ominous primary challenger to the Wisconsin Speaker – one who has tweeted an image that indicates that he is literally calling for the murder of Paul Ryan.

Meet Paul Nehlan, who has repeatedly refused to say whether or not he is a white nationalist. He tweeted an image of Paul Ryan falling from a helicopter – in the vein of promoting a South American regularity of disposing of political opponents by killing them by dropping them from helicopters. Here is that tweet:

Know Your Meme gave context to the meme, and it is quite disturbing:

“‘Free Helicopter Rides’ refers to extrajudicial killings known as ‘death flights,’ in which military forces throw people from aircraft into large bodies of water. Online, the phrase is often used by members of the alt-right in jokes about executing their political opponents.”

As if the implied idea that the Speaker of the House of Representatives should be murdered as if we are some kind of autocracy weren’t bad enough, Nehlan has repeatedly refused to refute the idea that he is some kind of white nationalist. His allies were all in on that one:

And that’s just for starters. This is what the GOP has come to. Think about that. One of America’s major political parties is actively running candidates who want to murder political opponents, as if we are some kind of authoritarian state, and the party leaders who understand what this is are doing nothing about it. Maybe they’ll wake up now that one of these far-right lunatics is actually coming for one of their own golden gooses. We can only hope.

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Featured image from Gage Skidmore via Flickr