Trump Throws A Major Hissy Fit After Republican Lawmaker Abandons The GOP


Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) — the first Republican to call for Trump’s impeachment — on Thursday announced he’s leaving the Republican Party and becoming an Independent. It’s worth noting that Amash chose the Fourth of July to announce his departure from the GOP — and that triggered Donald Trump, who predictably called him a “total loser” on Twitter.

The response on Twitter was swift.

This is what a real president sounds like:

Donald Trump is making the Fourth of July all about himself and plans to deliver remarks from the Lincoln Memorial as part of the Fourth of July festivities, that include military aircraft flyovers by the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels, a jetliner used as Air Force One, and military tanks. But, Barack Obama tweeted a more presidential message than the current occupant of the White House.

Happy Fourth of July, you guys. Turn off your TV, grill some amazing food, then go to a local event to see a nonpartisan fireworks display.

Featured image via screen capture.